I’m Steve Wilkinson, a 42 year old internet programmer. I’m currently residing somewhere in North Devon working for a local council as Webmaster. This site is really a plaything (as and when I can be bothered to do stuff to it!) and just gives friends and family the chance to see pictures which they might be interested in.

Thanks to anybody whose piccies I’ve used on this site, Soozuks, sadgit, smallred, fazerdaze, Lotty and god all deserve a mention and especially my wife, Sharon – and as I’m sure there’s others whom I’ve omitted, them have too. I’m also a fan of Portugese bikes and cars, I use removals to Portugal services from Hunts International Removals to transfer all my bikes around the world!


my first bike a “T” reg (first time round) Kawasaki KE100. My brother’s Honda MTX50 and his Ford Capri are in the background of the left piccy

my first bike on the road during my second year at uni – a trusty Suzuki GP 125

My mate Andy’s CB400 (when he had it). First bike over 125cc I ever rode (on an old airfield in Cornwall I hasten to add!)



This was my second car, a Ford Escort Estate MkII, with a Ford Mexico front spoiler, quick ratio steering rack and four spot lights! – made a very good surf-wagen though. This one rusted away


This was my third car, a Ford Capri MkII, with a lowered and uprated suspension , quick ratio steering rack, and wolfrace wheels – 6 months of work every evening in the garage (cost me £50 and I spent over a grand on it). Drove this into someone else and my girlfriend at the time wouldnt let me rebuild it!


My second FIAT 127 Super (unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the first one). This one had a 1050cc Sport engine in it and would quite happily see off Ford XR3i’s to 60mph – it also converted me to FIAT’s! (note the 1300GT body kit on it) Rusted away and a cam belt failure cost me the original sport engine.

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My Collections


My collection of guitars (Epiphone Flying V, Satellite bass guitar, Les Paul copy, another electric that I can’t remember who made it and a couple of acoustics) at the time I was in Rust – only got the Les Paul replica left now, the rest were sold when I needed cash at uni.

Gould bass guitar – bought this last year to learn to play the bass again with.Squire Stratocaster (Special Edition)Squire Stratocaster (Special Edition) – one day I’ll buy a real Fender one (in my dreams!).Ashdown Five Fifteen 100W 1 x 15″ bass