Rust – Tony, Trevor, Steve and the drummer whose name I’ve forgotten


Rust – an indie/metal band I was until shortly before going to uni (named after the biggest problem with Tony and my fixation with italian cars!).

It was just done for fun and this was our one and only gig – in Bideford, Devon supporting Pelvic Thrust (we used their drumkit).

Rust MkI consisted of Tony (vocals), Trevor (bass – who went back to playing guitar and started a band that played Glastonbury a couple of times), Ian (drums) and myself.

Ian left and was replaced by the ex-bass player of Pelvic Thrust, Kevin who fancied playing drums for a change, to become Rust MkII (we never gigged due to me getting a place at uni).

This gig would have been early 1996. We played Therapy’s Screamager & Totally Random Man, The Stranglers’ No More Heroes, Stiltskin’s Inside, Green Day’s Welcome To Paradise and Basket Case, Nirvana’s Rape Me & Something In The Way and also 5 songs I wrote.


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