Top Super Bike to Buy in 2017

Super Bike

With the advancement in technology and most people embracing modern living, use of bikes has been on a steady rise recently. People all over the world are employing bikes, either as a mean of transport or simply as an entertainment tool.Manufacturing companies have noticed this trend and have gone ahead and produced many models of bikes each day.It is important that you stay informed and stay updated on the trend that the bike industry has taken. It is for this reason that we have come up with this article, to give you an insight on the top superbike to buy in 2017.

Super Bike

Honda Rebel 2017:

Just like the previous Honda models, Honda Rebel 2017 has maintained the riding position, which has always been at the cruiser camp. However, the engineers made it at a lean angle. This angle will enable you to be able to run after sports bikes. In 2017, a model 300 has been made. This model uses an engine with a capacity of 286cc.Another model 500 has been made.This uses a very strong 471cc parallel twin version.

Yamaha SCR 2017:

It is common knowledge that bikes with Retro styles have some short-comings. These challenges seem to have been overcome with the newly developed Yamaha SCR 950, 2017.This model has very awesome vintage wheels. It is hard not to notice the number plates in this new model, the old school type. This model has a much taller suspension and also the long handlebars. All these features combine to add to the comfort of riding this bike. Due to its modest underpinnings, SCR 950 might not compete with the other bikes made specifically for sports and running. SCR is mostly suited for weekend rides and could be an ideal machine for those people who ride bikes each day.

Suzuki Vanvan 200:

Vanvan bikes were manufactured from as early as 1970.Different versions of Vanvan has been on the market for quite some years.This year, Vanvan has not been left behind and it is boasting of its rather inexpensive bike, Suzuki Vanvan 2017.The bike has just one engine cylinder with a capacity of 199cc.You might think that this is a too small engine, for a 2017 model but of importance to note here is that this bike is very light and hence this engine is just enough for it.Vanvan 2017 is made of a very thick and wide seat.The upright controls have been added in this bike to add to its comfort.This is an ideal bike for anyone who wants to spend less amount of money, while at the same time enjoying their new hobby.

Triumph Street Cup, 2017:

Triumph bikes have been on the market for some time now.These models have driven a point home, that for a bike to be comfortable, it doesn’t have to be expensive.The new model is much smaller, cheap and more friendly.Street cup makes use of a 900cc type of the parallel and twin engine.However, in this model, an exhaust system was built by the engineers.The engineers included some special suspensions making this a unique machine of 2017!


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